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Tarik Al-Thuraya offers numerous expert networking solutions.

 Businesses' Solutions:

Tarik Al-Thuraya offers high-speed networking solutions that satisfy your needs for limitless, dependable bandwidth at reasonable prices, regardless of how big or small your company is. Many Enterprise categories, including law firms, financial organizations, educational institutions, professional groups, and governmental entities, to name a few, use Tarik Al-Thuraya as their source of choice.

Carriers and Service Providers :
To ensure the happiness of your end-user customers and preserve your margins, you, as a carrier or service provider, strive for dependable and scalable connections at an optimum cost level. Tarik Al-Thuraya offers you the necessary connection options at reasonable prices to one of the largest and most effective optical IP networks in use.

Providers of applications and content :
The most dependable, scalable, and economical method of connecting to consumer networks is what application and content providers are searching for when it comes to making online applications, such as gaming, VoIP, or social networks, access to Internet end users or delivering audio, video, or streaming content in the most effective way. Tarik Al-Thuraya, which runs one of the most connected Tier 1 and national networks, offers effective connectivity solutions that achieve these objectives.