Metro Ethernet

All of our on-net sites can access Metro Ethernet due to the operation of a next-generation MPLS network. Over leased dark fiber, redundant connectivity is present at all locations.

Metro Ethernet: What is it? A transparent Ethernet connection between two sites, simulating a direct Ethernet cable between your equipment on either end, is known as a Metro Ethernet Service, an MPLS pseudo-wire, Carrier Ethernet, or a Datacenter Interconnect. All Layer 2 protocols, including CDP, spanning tree, and VLAN tags, will be supported by the connections (including your Q-in-Q or double-tagged frames).

Metro Ethernet Uses:

  • Using Metro Ethernet, quickly and affordably add more sites to your network.
  • No lengthy contracts; temporary connectivity between sites.
  • Lower leased line expenses.
  • Reduce the price of bandwidth compared to using Internet traffic.
  • Communicate with clients in distant regions.
  • Establish connections with distant private peering partners.
  • The knowledgeable security team is on call around-the-clock.