Tarik Al-Thuraya IP\MPLS VPN Services.

Tarik Al-Thuraya provides a focused selection of goods and services made to satisfy our clients' needs for high-speed connectivity.

IP\MPLS (MPLS layer 2 and 3 VPN)
IP allows your staff may connect across sites effectively and securely with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for a fraction of the price of conventional dedicated lines.
VPN services from Tarik Al-Thuraya are based on the IPsec and MPLS protocols.


 A fraction of the price of conventional dedicated circuits, the Tarik Al-Thuraya international MPLS-enabled network is excellently positioned to offer private, secure communication between your office locations. Numerous solutions can be used to improve fiber optic leased lines and provide connectivity into our leading network.

Tarik Al-Thuraya extends your backbone and connects to Global IX points at the following places using MPLS two circuits:

The Sofia-Connect (Telepoint)
• CIX Frankfurt-DE (FR5)
The majority of data centers throughout the world may then be reached through our data centers in Europe.


When clients want to keep their infrastructure from moving to our fast international MPLS network, IPsec is employed. It can connect remote locations over the open Internet even if they aren't directly related to the same network. For maximum coverage, IPsec VPNs can also be paired with MPLS.